Welcome to The J Media!


Welcome to The J Media! My name is Justin and I would like to take you along with me on my car journey.


Let's take it back a few years.. The year was 2013 and I moved to Austin, Texas from Singapore and got my first car in the US. It was a beat up 1999 Honda Civic EX Coupe that I bought for a good deal, not knowing a single thing about cars. My buddy, Conrad, brought me to my first car meet and it consisted of mostly classic American muscle cars. I remember taking a bunch of photos and after that first car meet, I was hooked. After getting back home, I went on Google and typed in "Austin car meets" to look up more local car meets. First thing that popped up was my local Cars and Coffee meet. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and attended my first Cars and Coffee alone. It was pretty intimidating at first not knowing people in the car scene but I had a bunch of fun. People were nice and were happy to share about their cars. Acquaintances soon became friends. These friends then introduced me to their other car friends and before i knew it, I started to know more people in the local car community!




Fast forward to 2015 and i have began to modify my Honda Civic and frequent car meets. I decided to pick up a first generation GoPro to film car meets and install videos. I wanted to document my journey with cars through my videos. The J Media's Youtube channel was born! Towards the end of 2015, i picked up my other car - 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer GT. My Honda Civic was my first budget build but i told myself that I wanted to build my Mitsubishi Lancer into a show car and compete in car shows.



Since 2015, i have been involving myself in the car scene and met a bunch of people. I am grateful for the friendships forged along the way, as well as the many things that i have learned about cars. I traveled to car events all around Texas, experiencing car meets, car shows, time attack track days, drift events, track day at the drag strip and a bunch more! I can't wait to share more with you guys! Be sure to follow my various social media platforms to stay tune for more awesome car stuff!



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