My Car Show Story

Car shows often get mistaken with car meets.

Car meets are a casual gathering of car enthusiasts, usually at a parking lot just checking out each other’s cars and having a good time. It is a more laid back setting and you are able to meet other car enthusiasts and forge friendships. Car shows on the other hand, are a whole different ball game. Most car shows have hundreds of cars staged in an indoor convention center or outdoor venue. There are vendor booths, car models, photographers snapping photos and awards to be won. Occasionally there would be performances on stage like singing, dancing, b-boy, beer pong competition etc. All cars that are in a car show would have to go through screening and the contestant would have to submit a mod list as well as multiple photos of the car. There would also be a fee to have your car in the car show. 

Now that I have explained the differences between car shows and car meets, I want to take it back to May 2017 when I had my 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer GT in it’s first car show. In my free time, I watch a lot of car videos on Youtube. A few Youtubers that I watch bring their car to car shows and I love how you get to see immaculate builds and gain inspiration. After attending a few cars shows as a spectator, I told myself that I wanted to build my car into a show car and bring it to shows! My first car show that I competed in was Hot Import Nights Dallas 2017. I drove down 4 hours from Austin, Texas to Dallas, Texas to enter the show and I was grateful to have my good friend Anna enter her car in the show alongside me.

Hot Import Nights - May 2017

As I pulled into the convention center, car show officials directed me to parking. My mind was blown at how big the convention center was and how many top notch builds there were! Cars from other cities, and even other states were present at the show. I had a few hours after loading in to detail the car before the spectators came in. I started from the outside of the car, and made my way to cleaning the inside, engine bay, and trunk. I made sure that I cleaned every nook and cranny and the car was spick and span. After a few hours of intense wipe down, I was finally done! The main doors opened and spectators came streaming in. I made my rounds to check out some of the other cars as well as filmed vlog footage for the Youtube channel. My first car show was an eye opener for me and it also made me realize that I had to step my game up if I wanted to compete with the other show cars. My interior was fairly stock, engine bay had a few touches, and nothing done to my trunk set up. I had a blast at my first car show and I was inspired to build my car to the best of my ability and pay attention to the fine little details. I wanted my car to win awards at car shows and to inspire others that if I can do it, so can you. 

Import Face Off - March 2018

Hot Import Nights - May 2018


After my first car show in May 2017, I put a pause on attending shows for the rest of the year and build my car up. 2018 came around and my plan was to attend 3 to 5 car shows that year and hopefully win an award at a show. 2018 was a really busy year for me as I had my car in 7 car shows! I went all out and participated in almost every major car show that year in Texas. I travelled to Houston and Dallas every few months and with each show that I went to, I asked myself what else I could have done better to improve. My first show of 2018 was Import Face Off, then Hot Import Nights, followed by Clean Car Alliance Spring Show, then Texas Heatwave, Wekfest, Clean Culture, and then ending it off with Clean Car Alliance Clash of the Titans show. From the first show of 2018 in March, it was almost back to back car shows every month in different cities. I had to find time to put new mods on my car, as well as prep the car for it’s next show. I had a bunch of fun with friends, met other car enthusiasts, as well as Youtube subscribers which was pretty cool! I am humbled to say that I managed to take home three awards from the seven car shows that I attended in 2018. 

Texas Heatwave - July 2018


Texas Heatwave – 2nd Best Import

Wekfest – Best Mitsubishi

Clean Car Alliance Clash of the Titans – 2nd Best Mitsubishi


Clean Culture - November 2018

Clean Car Alliance - December 2018

So that wraps up car shows for 2018. Whew, what a fun but exhausting year attending a bunch of car shows! Coming into 2019, I wanted to be more strategic with planning what car shows I competed in. I wanted to have my car in car shows that I have not been to before as well as take the car on some track days. I did not want to be known as the guy who only has his car in car shows but not actually drive it hard! I took it to it’s second track day back in June and had a blast! As we move into the second half of 2019, my car took part in Tuned Originals and Import Expo car show back in April and June. Super humbled to have placed 2nd Best Mitsubishi in both shows. The car will be at Slammedenuff show when this blog post is published! Stay tuned on the latest shows that I am at by following me on Instagram @jus_tyn and check out vlog footage on my Youtube channel, The J Media! I plan to hit up Wekfest and Clean Culture car show for the rest of this year. Possibly another track day as well.

Tuned Originals - April 2019

Import Expo - June 2019


I think that wraps up my car show blog post! I have to stress that car shows are not about awards. Personally, I love car shows because I get to hang out with friends and show case my hard work on my car to other car enthusiasts! I want to motivate others that a Lancer owner with a dream can achieve his goal. You are able to do the same if you work hard enough to build your car! 


Thank you so much if you managed to read all the way to the end. If you are new to the blog, make sure to check back for frequent blog posts! Also stay up to date on current car stuff by following my Youtube channel, The J Media and Instagram pages @jus_tyn and @thejmedia. Links to social media sites will be below. Thank you for reading!


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